Menu Mockup for Approval

Guacamole Menu for Approval_February 2024

Please click on the image to open up your menu proof for El Guacamole.

Things that have been changed:

  • Shisito Peppers were removed in February changes so only Mussels Con Chorizo were removed under ‘Apps’ & Chicken wings were changed to Wings 15
  • Steak in taco section was updated to “4”
  • Added the additional details under Mexican Style & Texas Style in ‘Tacos’ section
  • Bone-In Ribeye has been removed under Carne Azada Con Camarones
  • Broccoli description removed under Fajita Description under ‘Best Sellers’
  • Spelling updated for Camarones al mojo de ajo
  • Pricing updated under ‘Rice Bowls’
  • Super Taco added back in under ‘Tacos’
  • Quesadillas & Spinach Avocado Quesadillas added back in beneath Tortas section
  • Chipotle Chicken wrap moved
  • Al Pastor added into the meats section in bottom right-hand corner
  • Broccoli removed from ‘Make Your Own Trio Platter’

Note: In the bottom right hand corner there is a charge about upcharge for NY strip, am I leaving that on the menu?

Is the menu design above finalized for printing? *