Menu Mockup for Approval

Guacamole Menu for Approval_February 2024

Please click on the image to open up your menu proof for El Guacamole.

Things that have been changed:

  • Pulpo Picante & Shishito Peppers were removed under “Appetizers”. Wings were changed to read as “Chicken Wings” and listed the sauces underneath (bbq, hot, mango, habanero). Also added were Tofu Wings / 12 & Fried Buffalo Brussels / 12.
  • Under “Soups”, thaxcala soup was removed and replaced with Tortilla Soup / 8.  Note: A description for this soup is missing.
  • The “Tacos” section was removed from the right-hand column and is now featured on the left as a “Pick/Choose” Option featuring edits shared in email.
  • Chipotle Chicken Wrap was added to the menu with pricing and description sent via email.
  • Under “Traditional Plates”, the NY Strip was removed for Carne Azada & Carne ala Mexicana. The entree Bone-in Ribeye was also removed. Note: In the bottom right hand corner there is a charge about upcharge for NY strip, am I leaving that on the menu?
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